Running is undoubtedly one of the best methods to reduce body fat and lead a healthy way. It’s also probably the simplest form of exercise anyone can start as a beginner. That said, it is also one of the easiest exercises that could screw up your body badly if not done right. 

Care must be taken while performing exercises, for they can either build or break your body, so here are five common beginner mistakes you could make as a runner:


The most common mistake carried out by a runner is they try to go from “zero to hero” expecting results in a short period of time. Overtraining is the leading cause of injury and burnout for runners. 

Many assume that running daily is going to help them get fit faster. They could not be further away from the truth. You might have the best gear and a great physique and yet fail to give your best, if you don’t follow the exercise schedule and don’t give your body ample time to recover. 

You should start with beginner training first and then proceed further, step by step. Fitness is a slow process. You can’t just eat the pineapple without pealing it. Doing advanced training by skipping the beginner training will leave you with nothing but a stress fracture.

John Bingham once said “It was being a runner that mattered, not how fast or how far I could run. The joy was in the act of running and in the journey, not in the destination”. Start loving the process and you don’t need to care about the results, it might take some time to become a runner but what else does a runner love rather than running to his/her maximum potential.

Doing the same thing daily 

Taking the same run daily is not going to help you gain fitness and speed over time. Professor Barb Hoogenboom says “what can happen is that your body will become pace driven”

You can’t do the same thing and expect different results, you should start off by changing your pace and altering your path. Some people might find a difference in a short period of training and for some people, it might take some time for the bolt to unleash. Try increasing your mileage at a slow rate, don’t let your weekly mileage increase more than 10%. consider frequent breaks while taking a long run. 

Every runner has their own routine that is well suited for their own body so avoid copying others’ routine, rather create one of your own. Observe your body and act on the signals it gives while training make your own distinct way of doing things

Sprinting too soon

Most beginners start sprinting too soon and lose their stamina too soon as a result. This “too soon” mentality is not going to take you to the finish line too soon

Many runners underestimate the amount of water they lose during a run, and never drink enough water to avoid side stitches which causes dehydration. To understand the body and acting upon is something that would be suggested as the best thing to do while taking the long run. “a lot of beginners, they run thinking it’s easy, or do normal distance runs too fast” says Steve Magnus. 

If you look at elite runners, or even good athletes, their recovery runs are really just about recovery. They are going pretty easy. They don’t fall into the grey zone where there is no stamina left for moving any further in a race, a place a lot of beginners sadly fall into. Learn to overcome your emotions and use your stamina wisely – having a clear mindset before running is a must for a runner. 

Building confidence helps a lot to recover from the stress and get the pace back in place. To get all this together is what you call a professional, and with beginners, it is just comparatively hard. Keep in mind that with every second you sprint in the first half of the race, you are going to lose double the amount of time in the second half of the race.

Choosing looks over kicks

Sometimes looks don’t matter when choosing the right kicks. And kicks are not just everything that matters while taking a run. The perfect running shoes don’t make a huge impact, and obviously, you should take time to understand what works for you. 

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Most people have wrong kicks because of overemphasis on buying shoes by specific colors. Being too selective about footwear can really cost you in running. Hoogenboom claims that most beginner runners don’t do well in minimalist shoes. The maximalist craze merely shifted the injury from bone related to soft-tissue, muscle-based ailments. 

It is better to take suggestions from a running shoe specialist about the kicks that suit your physique, and try out two to three different shoe manufactures that fit your size perfectly. The shoe stores will try to sell you additional inserts for better support and cushioning of the shoe, but keep in mind that not all shoes require an additional insert for better comfort and performance. Don’t forget to try the shoe out for a few weeks before thinking about an insert. The best kicks can not be bought, they are supposed to be found. 

As said before shoes are not factors that matter the most, however, they can have a high negative impact on your body if a wrong pair is selected.

Not breathing properly

Sometimes runners breathe too shallow and that can lead to side stitches. Be sure to learn how to breathe while taking an exhausting run. You should try breathing with both the nostrils and the mouth because only one source of oxygen is surely not going to be enough while running. Your muscles need enough oxygen to function properly. 

Deep belly breathing allows you to intake more oxygen which will also help in preventing side stitches. Exhale air from your mouth fully, when more of your Carbon dioxide is released it would be easy to inhale more oxygen deeply. 

The conversational pace is a method to test your pace, in which you should be able to speak a full sentence without gasping for air. Slow down or walk if you are running out of breath. Oxygen is important!

Those were just some of the mistakes beginners can make while running. Although it is more effective to learn through experience, knowing these mistakes beforehand can really help you become a better runner in the long run, faster than expected.

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